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Wheeled unit versatility

- Front and rear extenders give 56 feet of overall space capacity.  

- 9,000 pound winch allows loading of non-running units.  

- 4 ball towers allow loading and transport of other trailers.

- 13,000 pounds of weight capacity

Freight and Oversize Vehicles.

- 35 feet of deck space for transport of construction equipment, farm equipment or over height  vehicles.

- 40 feet of total deck space for construction material, farm supplies or other freight.

- 15,000 pound capacity


- 5 car, double deck unit  

- 9,000 pound winch allows loading of non-running units.  

- 26,000 pound capacity

Enclosed Service.

- 48 Foot, 15,500 pound floor.

- E-Track for secure tie downs.

- Exotic autos, motorcycles, by request

Power Only

- 32,000 pound capacity  

- Bumper Pull also available  


- Service anywhere in the U.S. within 4 days (weather permitting)  

- Faster delivery times due to increase power over grades and fewer fuel stops  


- Service to any port facility in the U.S.   

- Faster delivery times due to direct access to freight received in shipping containers or motor units staged in port facility yards and rail yards.